Irvin Leroux Trust

Irvin Leroux TRUST FUND for legal expenses

Thank you for joining me here today

After I went public with my story on the CBC on April 23, 2009 I was contacted by hundreds of people.  AS we stated in the media we worked hard to build a successful business (pictured) which opened in 1998.  We built our dream for retirement and a great life.  I had been fighting with CRA since 1996 and I had no way of knowing that actions of this huge bureaucracy would cause a horrendous snowball effect that would destroy our dreams, lives and business and then CRA would not even be held accountable - even after they admitted their own mistakes! and reversed what they claimed I owed from $1,000,000 to a $24,000 credit!  We lost everything - 14 years of fighting them and now I want restitution! this is why we are still fighting and why we went public with our story.  We have heard from many Canadians with very similar stories who are in the midst of fighting Revenue Canada for mistakes and actions that CRA has taken against them with their "exceptional" powers.  Some people have not been able to fight and have had to give up, losing everything.  So many people are simply disgusted that this can happen to Canadians in our great country of CANADA.

As stated in the media, my fight is not over and I will be fighting still in Supreme Court for restitution for what CRA caused me to lose.  We have no funds left to pay legal fees; we still owe money to family, friends and the lawyer that filed the claim in 2006 that was supposed to result in a settlement. I have been contacted by total strangers who have offered to send me financial assistance to help cover legal costs.  One of these generous people has spearheaded fundraising out of her office and I have also received several money orders from good-hearted Canadians from across the country.  To me, this is incredible and words cannot describe my gratitude for this outpouring of generosity. Revenue Canada has done their best to drain all resources I have but thanks to the caring and incredible support of everyday Canadians I WILL get my day in court in obtaining fair restitution.  Thank you all so very much.


After discussion with my family and with the gal who contacted me originally, I have opened a trust account with the hopes of raising funds to cover up-front legal costs that include dispersements, filing fees, photocopying, expert witness interviews, faxing, phone calls, legal research, investigation and some lawyer travel costs and other costs as they arise.  These funds will not be used for hourly charges for a lawyer.

Thank you in advance for your generosity - please click on the TRUST FUND details page for info!